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Remodeling / Basement Finishing

Home theatre

Andover, Massachusetts, United States

1st Prize: Gordana Potezica, RS, Inc. | September 30, 2012 10:23pm EDT

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I’m trying to convert a finished basement room into a home theatre. Floor plan is attached. Ceiling height is 85”. Project is in Andover, MA. Some ideas/configuration: - HD projector with screen (retractable?) at front of the room 100-150 inches diagonal - U shaped sectional sofa (example photo attached) - Row of home theatre chairs (3) on a raised platform (photo attached) - Eating counter behind theatre chairs (photo) - Beverage center. Two door refridgerator, wine cooler, ice maker. Counter top, cabinets, waste basket inside cabinet. Cabinets above. Attaching links to appliances and sample photos. No sink required. - Bose home theatre “cubes” speakers up front - Cabinet(s) up front for receiver, DVD player etc? - Stage area up front? My daughter likes to put on plays (photo)


LIke modern style.


Not sure what to do with brick wall area.


Looking for interesting design/interior layout ideas.


Looking for floor plan and dimensions that a builder can build from. - PLAN VIEW: Scale 1/4"-1' (or 1/50) - SECTION VIEW: Scale 1/4"-1' (or 1/50) - PERSPECTIVE/AXONOMETRIC VIEWS: where necessary

Design Submissions Award: $1,138

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