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New Residential / Home Design

Dream Bungalow in BRAZIL!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

1st Prize: Paulo de Camargo, BR, Inc. | November 2, 2011 7:34pm EDT

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I. DESCRIPTION The land where the house is going to be built is located inside a closed condominium (in Brazil there are some walled neighborhoods where normally middle or high standard houses are built, this is the case). In front of the land there is a big lake (actually a dam). II. CLIMATE The zone is very hot and dry but when it rains it is usually a tropical storm (short and strong rainfall with strong winds). III. SPECIFICATIONS It is a 1.280 square meters ( 13,777 square feet) ground with the following dimensions: • Left side: 46 meters (150 ft) along this side there is already an erected neighbor house. • Front side (Vis-a-vis with the lake): 20 m (65 ft) plus 14,14 m (46 ft) in curve (Radius=9 meters or 29 ft). • Background: 20,47 m (67 ft) plus 13,69 m ( 45 ft) in curve (R=9m or 29 ft). • Right side: 27 meters (88 ft). The land is declivous in the direction of the lake (slope of approximately 1,5 m or 4.9 ft). The intention is to embank the land, using the background as reference. I think that this embankment will allow me to have more privacy in the swimming pool (once walls are not allowed in the borders/landmarks) and an “effect of continuity” between swimming pool and the dam could be reproduced, as explained in the next lines. IV. CONSTRAINTS TO FOLLOW Condominium rules state that: • Shingle must be made out of ceramic; • The building must not be higher than 5,5m or 18 ft (reference is the highest point of the ground, which in this case is the point where the left side meets the background of the land). Once I intend to embank the land, the highest point of the house must not be higher than 5,5m (18 ft). • The building must not be smaller than 150 square meters (1,614 square feet). • The following free areas from the neighbors limits must exist: i - Front side: 15 meters (49 ft); ii - Background, left side and right side: 3 meters (9.8 ft) each; iii- The roof overhang must not be wider than 1 meter (3.2 ft) considering the free area; Note: Swimming pool is not restricted to these rules. V. PROGRAM I prefer a bungalow (only 1 floor house). The constructed area must be around 150 square meters (1,614 square feet). The following rooms are expected: a. 3 Suites (bedroom + bathroom) – The master suite must provide view of the dam and two showers in the bathroom. The other 2 suites can eventually not have views of the dam and only 1 shower. Wardrobe need is reduced (only 1 wardrobe with 2 doors is enough for each suite). b. Living room – The living room must be well ventilated and integrated with the kitchen and with the veranda. There is no need for it to be big: 1 center table, 2 couches and 2 armchairs are enough to this area. Between the living room and the kitchen there should be enough space for a dinning table. c. Kitchen – There is no need of a big kitchen, but it should be practical and enjoyable, a pleasant area. It could be open (integrated with the living room – I imagine a counter in form of an island to separate kitchen from living room) and connected with the veranda and with the barbecue area. Even the refrigerator and the stove should be used when using the barbecue area, so that I could save when acquiring the domestic appliances. There could be a little pantry between the kitchen and the laundry. d. Veranda with grill – The barbecue area must be connected with veranda and with the swimming pool. It is going to be used in the afternoon, so it should be located in the left side of the land in order to avoid the strong sun. e. Laundry – It can be pretty compact (there should be a tank, a laundry machine and free space for clothes line). I imagine it should be turned to the left side of the land. f. Bedroom and toilet for the maid – Both can be small. The bedroom can be used as storeroom when maid is absent, that is why it should allow easy access to the garage. g. Garage for 2 cars – The garage must be open but protected from weather. There should also be a covered connection to the main entrance. h. Swimming pool with infinite border – I would like the swimming pool could give the impression it is the continuity of the dam. It should not be big, but it must include a 4 square meters area where one could simply lay under the sun (so it must be shallow – around 20 cm). Near the grill there could be a bench where people could seat inside the water (some similar to a Jacuzzi but integrated with the swimming pool). i. Restroom – There should be also a dressing room for the guests. That is why it should be easily accessed from the veranda as well as from the living room. There must be a shower in this restroom. VI. PRECEDENTS The following photos show the kind of style I like. For each photo there is a note where I explain details about what appeals me. Please review related precedent images in the "+" tab: Photo 1: suite. I like the combination of wood and glass. The White ground is also very nice for the internal areas of the house. The glass door is the highlight of this photo. Photo 2: suite and veranda. Highlight is the wooded floor for the external areas (veranda and swimming pool deck). Photo 3: veranda. This veranda seems to be very pleasant and protected from the Sun. Highlight is the deck. A veranda with this area would be enough in my Project. Instead of the Jacuzzi I would like to have the swimming pool. Photo 4: Living room Highlight for doors made of glass. Here, again, a good mix of Wood and glass. Photo 5: Bathroom. This bathroom looks perfect for the master suite. Photo 6: Kitchen. This kitchen is pretty much bigger than the one I need, but it shows the counter in form of an island. I would like it to could be turned to the living room and connected with the grill area and the veranda. Photo 7: This photo show a beautiful work made in the Wood. The idea could be used in my project, but the solution for making it possible should not be expensive. VII. DELIVERABLES: (1) Siteplan, Scale: 1/16"=1'-0" or 1:200 (1) Ground Floor plan, Scale: 1/8"=1'-0" or 1:100 (1) Section/Elevation, Scale: 1/8"=1'-0" or 1:100 (x) Perspective or Axometric View(s), eye-level and/or bird's-eye views VIII. MATERIALS FROM CLIENT: > Please visit following link for Satellite Images: > Please click on "Wall" tab for a site image and plan. > Please click on "+" tab for precedent images. > Please visit following link for Satellite Images:

Design Submissions Award: $1,000

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