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Home interior

Los Angeles, California, United States

1st Prize: Arcadia Design, US, Inc. | August 6, 2013 2:21pm EDT

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Renovation and modernization of the interior of an existing home in a top neighborhood of Los Angeles, California (Bel Air). It is 2,300 SF in the main house, with two bedrooms, and two baths, plus a separate guest house of 400 square feet with two bedrooms & 1 bath (used entirely as an office). The exterior has a large beautiful pool and stone deck, a front yard with Koi pond with fish and a back yard. Interior finish is mostly hardwood throughout, with three fireplaces, and an updated kitchen with carerra white marble countertops. I purchased the home recently to live in, but have not bought much furniture yet. I want to change the interior finish to be more modern. CHANGES REQUIRED: The two bathrooms both require complete renovation and I envision white marble both on the floor, countertops, and inside the shower stall. All three fireplaces require modernization (in master bedroom, living room, and entry room). The color pattern inside could change. It may warrant more crown molding throughout. Also hardwood should be in the entry room which is now exposed concrete. Also, this entry room has an exposed concrete block wall surrounding an ugly/old gas fireplace unit which turns on with a switch (this should be covered with some type of tile over the block, and with the fireplace modernized, maybe with a bed of cut white glass and gas flames shooting up the middle). I need to pick furniture also and am open to suggestions, and this is part of the design and budget. Now the home has an old fashioned feeling. I want to make it feel like a large luxury suite like at the Ritz Carlton hotel. :) It should feel elegant, impressive, comfortable, and worthy of entertaining friends for big parties.

Design Considerations

No carpet, since I appreciate the hardwood flooring in place. All three fireplaces must stay, and should each be enhanced in a modern way. Bathroom finish must be 100% gutted and replaced. What is in place in the bathrooms is terrible. No adjustments to the exterior are required (this will be a separate competition, and I plan for a modern stone veneer outside, in front of the existing brick. The existing walk-in closet adjacent to the master bedroom must have all existing shelving removed and turned into 1/3 as a walk-in closet of high quality wood shelving, with the existing doorway, and 2/3 as a new bedroom with new doorway cut into the wall on the north side. The master bathroom may be expanded, but that would encroach on the space for the room wihch will be divided between a walk-in closet for the master bed plus a new bedroom. The master bath has a wall on the south side hiding a small closet with shelving and this wall and shelving should be removed to allow for a larger bathroom area. The entry room to the house should include new hardwood, and furniture which can be moved to the exterior perimeter of the room for occasional use of the room as a ballroom dancing party. The TV may be better hanging on the wall in the living room like a picture. Many walls have an old fashioned painted-over paneling, and I would like this modernized either by covering all of it with sheetrock or maybe half the height of the wall. It should include new window treatments (curtains and blinds), and I plan to include whole home controls via the ipad/iphone (for blinds, lights, music, locks, security, temperature) and this is part of the budget (if you are able to suggest a brand of controls which is best and affordable this is appreciated). Therefore, the blinds should be of a type which can function, moving up and down, from electronic controls. There is a narrow alley on the exterior between the second bedroom and the walk-in closet. The budget may be allowed to go over the allotted amount if the design includes new construction to extend the roof over this area to enclose additional space, to enlarge the new bedroom being created inside the current walk-in closet. An architect has told me that this expansion is permitted, but part of that new space must be for the existing second bedroom to the east so that it keeps a window to the outside (though it may face in a different direction, south). The entry room should highlight the wonderful in-ground pool outside, visible through the windows, and the living room and dining room could showcase the nature in the yard outside the window. This is why I love my new crystal chandalier which has big glass leaves hanging down, similar to those on the tree outside. The entire budget of furniture, upgrades, and renovations should be around $120,000.

Selection Criteria

Within the budget of $120,000. All materials must be of good quality, and real. No fake wood or economy through low quality materials. Furniture should be accessable or delivered in a short time to the United States west coast. I don't want to plan on furniture which takes many months create and also a long delivery, but if necessary, two months is sometimes required. The finished design should give a feeling of elegance, luxury, and comfort. It is key for me to decide on the colors inside, and the right furniture. Now many walls are bright white, and this does give a light feeling but also a sterile unfinished feeling. Maybe a cream, or light brown color would be nicer? This house is in Bel Air, near huge mansions and beautiful homes, and though this is among the smaller homes in the immediate area, I want the interior to be more commensurate with this neighborhood quality. I feel that this home is a diamond in the rough, without much updating in decades, and with changes in the right way, I believe that it could reflect impressive, beautiful, modern, and high quality. Dropbox link: NEW WORKING LINK - Interior Photos (Paste into your browser) NEW WORKING LINK - Exterior Photos (Paste into your browser)

Design Submissions Award: $4,000

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