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Arlington Science Focus School, science classroom renovation...

Arlington, Virginia, United States

1st Prize: Gordana Potezica, RS, Inc. | July 20, 2013 2:00pm EDT

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The science classroom, an integral, multi-use venue, is in need of a full interior renovation. The winning proposal will provide plans for effective space use and storage, including: * Long-term storage for science supplies such as microscopes and chemicals * Ease-of-access storage for materials such as soil and sand. * Short-term storage (bins/drawers/cubbies/etc.) for weekly, in-progress projects * Kid-level presentation cases or shelving to showcase artifacts * Space/counter-consideration to integrate appliances such as large freezer, standard refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, kid-level sink (currently 27.5" height), and drying racks. * Space/counter-consideration to integrate electronics such as computer, document camera, electronic-whiteboard, weather-station display board, and sterilizing cabinet (24.5"x28") * Space/counter-consideration to integrate one 4-drawer file cabinet and bookshelves where possible * Furnishing proposals should include moveable tables for up to 30 students (currently there are 10 non-moveable tables ea. 23.5"x53.5") accompanied by stools (currently 19.5" height). * Window-treatment proposal should accommodate light-blocking shades for experiments that need darkness. * Floor-plan should allow for one carpet (approximately 8'x11.5') to accommodate students.

Design Considerations

* Aquarium is built-in fixture. No plans to move. * There are pull-down electrical cords located in the ceiling, currently located over tables. * There is currently a GrowLab gardening center in the room, which is functional but not very movable. * Shelving, bookshelves, and counter-top space should be maximized. Equipment and models will always proliferate. * Facility is a public elementary school (K - 5). This is a showcase room.

Design Submissions Award: $500

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